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As an introduction..

This is the story of my personal struggle against a terrible disease, and my battle to survive it. This battle is not yet won, but there is great hope.

Anyone who has cancer or knows someone who does may get some value from reading these pages. Those with cancer need information and can share their experience with others. It is important to know that others are fighting too. Those who know cancer patients may benefit from learning more about what cancer patients think and what they are going through.

Being a technical person (an aerospace engineer), I have always doubted the efficacy of alternative treatments. Like most people, I trust in conventional medicine and place my trust in the hands of the doctors and nurses that administer it. I think this is a normal response.

Through the course of my disease, and my studies of it, I have been exposed to alternative medicine for the first time. I must say that I have developed an appreciation for some of the alternative medicine practitioners and their methods. I am quite sure that their caring and attention have made a very positive impact on my possible Survival.

This is an ongoing story. Small Cell Cancer is a virulent and relentless disease that is extremely difficult to survive. It is also difficult to keep looking forward, to keep fighting. But this fight has to be made. It is a matter of life and death.

As you read through these pages, I predict you will be surprised with what you learn. There are many lessons here. I am pleased to be able to pass them on to anyone who is interested. I hope they benefit all who take the time to read. I think they may eventually even save some lives.

I am not a medical professional and make absolutely no claims about any treatment whether conventional or not. Everyone has to learn about their disease and make their own decisions. I only pass along my personal experiences. You be the judge.

With the greatest sincerity,

Jim Gibson